N. B. Hankes, 2019 Photo by Roxanne Miranda

N. B. Hankes, 2019 Photo by Roxanne Miranda

Welcome! If you’re here, you’ve likely heard something about my story. My name is Nate. I fought in a war and came home feeling bad, went on adventures to get my head right (didn’t help), enrolled in school and studied science and philosophy so intensely my search culminated in a life-changing mystical experience. Woah! I didn’t even know that was possible, but I’m so grateful it happened. I now know I have a purpose for being here, and I intend to make it happen.

Below you’ll find information about my non-profit mission, my podcast, and my upcoming book, Waking Up On the Appalachian Trail: A Story of War, Brotherhood, and the Pursuit of Truth.

You can support my life’s work—communication of forgotten wisdom—through any of the options below:

You can read the first chapter of my upcoming book on this website. If you like it, enter your email when prompted and I’ll send you a message on the book’s official release date. Simple as that! Twenty percent of book sales will go to the non-profit mission.

Or you can donate to the non-profit directly HERE.

You can also subscribe to The Humboldt Lighthouse podcast. We’re available on iTunes, Google Play, the Castbox App, and can be streamed directly from www.thehumboldtlighthouse.com. Or simply subscribe, rate, and review to help increase the podcast’s online visibility. When you help support my sponsors and increase the podcast visibility, you support my ability to curate thought-provoking, uplifting content for you and our global family.

Below are brief descriptions of these three projects. Explore the rest of the site to learn more. Thank you for stopping by. -N. B. Hankes


About Face It: A Veteran Healing Sanctuary —


A non-profit organization providing artistic residencies for veterans of the OEF and OIF conflicts.

During their stay, resident artists are introduced to mindfulness practices such as meditation and yoga.

Current Status: While the mission has already served two combat veterans, their living situation has been less than ideal. With the help of a fellow combat veteran, we’re renovating a cottage for this mission’s first official artist-resident. The Humboldt County, CA community has been generous in supplying necessities like cabinets, building supplies, and time. It takes a tribe!

Find out how you can hep this cause by clicking HERE.

The Humboldt Lighthouse podcast —

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A long form conversation giving voice to the conscious community of Humboldt County, CA and beyond.

In 2016, N. B. Hankes had a spontaneous mystical experience that altered the focus of his life in profound ways. He started this podcast to find answers from Humboldt County, California’s spiritual and alternative community. To date, he has published over forty conversations with guests ranging from religious scholars to poets all the way to psychedelic musicians and Christian Pastors.

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Waking Up On the Appalachian Trail: A Story of War, Brotherhood, and the Pursuit of Truth —

Taking on the entire 2,180 mile Appalachian Trail is the stuff of legends. Yet, Nate and Ben Hankes are not your classic conquering heroes. Flattened by his time in Iraq and looking for a new identity, Nate naively leads his big brother into the unforgiving maw of Appalachia and America’s cultural fringe. Unexpected guides, gurus, and happenstance turn this backpacking adventure into a profound exploration of mind, body, and spirit.

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